V6: Standing wave ratio

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1 Purpose

This procedure allows to determine the amount of energy that is reflected directly by the antenna due to non-perfect match.

2 Remarks

The VSWR (S11) parameter is measured for each direction by either using the software or the MRC05 box (DWD development by P. Ulrych and S. Voland).

3 Material

  • Adapters: selection of SMA and N: male and female
  • RF cables: RG58 type
  • MRC05 if available
  • Network analyzer

4 Procedure

  1. In the configuration file change the value of the iTxon parameter to 0
  2. Disconnect the feed cable on the Divider/Combiner at point 2 in as shown here Media:PictureVSWRVaisala.png
  3. Connect the network analyzer to this port
  4. Measure each direction in sequence by switching the directions using the software or the MCR05 box
  5. Each return loss (S11) value should be smaller than -17 dB

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