V5: Range calibration

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1 Purpose

This procedure is necessary to calibrate the signal delay to range attribution.

2 Remarks

Note on the equipment to be used: starting with the power level of 56 dBm at the output of the amplifier, all the maximum input levels into the elements along the measurement chain have to be respected. The input level of the receiver is roughly -120dBm corresponding to the level of the atmosphere-backscattered power in service. Peak and average power input have to be taken into account when choosing the attenuators. The power levels and attenuation figures as shown in Media: SchemaRangeCalibVaisala.png have to be adapted to the equipment used.

3 Headline text

  • Adapters: selection of SMA, BNC, N: male and female
  • Load: enough SMA type 50Ω
  • Attenuators: selection of 20, 30 dB able to take the peak and average power levels
  • Directional coupler
  • Delay line: 10 μs delay
  • Double balanced mixer
  • RF cables: RG58 type
  • Generator

4 Procedure

For the procedure it is referred to the Factory Test Procedure

Back to Maintenance Procedures; Go to RWP Maintenance in CWINDE;

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