V4: Emitted power and pulse width

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1 Purpose

Check of the control signals and of the emitted pulse of the Modulator, IF and Interface unit (MII).

2 Remarks

The procedure can also be found in the Factory Test Procedure.

3 Material

  • RF cables (RG58 type) with BNC and N connectors
  • Oscilloscope (2 channels, bandwidth > 100 MHz)
  • Logic timing diagram of your wind profiler (for lap-3000 Media:SchemaLogicTimingVaisala.png)

4 Procedure

  1. Terminate the TRANSMIT OUTPUT port with a 50Ω load
  2. Start acquisition and press PAUSE
  3. Connect channel 1 of the oscilloscope to TX
  4. Measure pulse width and inter pulse period (IPP)
  5. Connect channel 2 of the oscilloscope to SMPL
  6. Measure the delay
  7. Measure the time (spacing) between two sample pulses (ch2)
  8. Measure the total time of the sample pulses (sample period) and the number of sample pulses
  9. Connect channel 2 of the oscilloscope to BLANK
  10. Measure the period of blanking before and after the TX pulse

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